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 Trey Ride.

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PostSubject: Trey Ride.   Trey Ride. EmptyWed Jul 03, 2013 1:04 am

Name: "Trey Ride. That's right, like Salley Ride."
Age: "I turned 14 in December."
Gender: "I am a boy."
Height: "I'm kinda short, but growing fast, I'd say 5' 3". "
Eyes: "According to my dad they're a really strange silver color, like my mum's, or so he tells me. I never met her."
Hair: My hair is an ebony color, and as straight as an arrow, I keep it at shoulder length."

Skin Color: "I'm of Hispanic heritage but my skin is lighter than must, because my sister kept my out of the sun."
Body Type: I have a runner's build.
Talents: I rock at running, anywhere form 400 meters to a mile.
Home Base: My current home base is a Wal-Mart in Seattle
Pets: "I have a miniature English Boxer, very small, my sister's hawk is always trying to eat it."
Flaws: "I am very nearsighted I have to wear contacts or glasses all the time, I was never a very thoughtful person, instead, I was very instinctual. I would very often say things that would get me or someone that I loved in trouble. I've gotten better, but I'm still extremely hot-headed to those who trifle with me. I also have asthma, very severe."
Weapons: "I also have a gun that Papa gave to me it's  a deer hunting rifle, almost identical to my sister's, but mine is dark grey, I also have a 9 millimeter Glock pistol."
Character History: Work in progress
Other: I am the brother of Laila Ride.

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Trey Ride.
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