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 Laila Ride [Zombies]

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PostSubject: Laila Ride [Zombies]   Laila Ride [Zombies] EmptyWed Jul 03, 2013 12:02 am

Name: "Laila Ride. Don't wear it out."
Age: "I turned nineteen in January."
Gender: "I'm a girl."
Height: "I'm pretty tall for a girl, I guess. Not extremely so, but, you know. I'm about 5 ft. 6."
Eyes: "They're this really strange silver color. According to Papa, they're the same color as Mama's used to be."
Hair: "It is as straight as an arrow without any work, and a sleek ebony color. I've been growing it out for my entire life, so it's so long that it's impossible not to keep it tied back. "
Skin Color: "I'm of Hispanic heritage, but my skin is lighter than most. Probably because I stayed out of the sun as much as I could."
Talents: "Papa always said that I was born of a horse, because of how much time I spent around them. I was riding whenever I could, and I got really good at it. Papa had a brother who was an avid hunter. He occasionally took me along with him and I learned quite a bit about stealth and tracking. He also had a talent for falcon hunting, and I learned about that sport as well."
Home Base: "I usually hang around an old horse stable that I found. all the horses are gone, but the hay's still there."
Pets: "I have one of my Uncle's old red-tailed hawks. She's an extraordinary bird, and I took a liking to her immediately. I named her Eyota, a Sioux Indian name meaning 'Great.'"
Flaws: "My brother is a really amazing and speedy runner, but I'm the exact opposite. I'm not a fast person, and I get winded easily. I can walk for hours on end, but running wipes me out. I was never a very thoughtful person, instead, I was very instinctual. I would very often say things that would get me or someone that I loved in trouble. I've gotten better, but I'm still extremely hot-headed to those who trifle with me."
Weapons: "I have a deer rifle that Papa gave to me, it makes for a decent sniper. I usually just stick with my .22 pistol though, it's enough to bring them down with making too much noise."
Character History: "Like I said before, I hung around my uncle a lot. From the time that I was six, he deemed me old enough to go hunting with him. I spent every summer out there until I signed up for the Army. I was just about to ship out when all of this started, and I was on my own."
Other: "Trey's sister."
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Laila Ride [Zombies]
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