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    PostSubject: Koda [Zombies]   Koda [Zombies] EmptyWed Jul 03, 2013 8:24 pm

    Name: "I named myself Koda, but I never really had a last name."
    Age: "I'm 13, but my birthday is pretty soon. I was born on the fourth of July."
    Gender: "Girl. These questions are boring, can I have some ice cream?"
    Height: "I'm four foot, nine inches. Last time I checked, anyway."
    Eyes: "They're blue, I think, with silver or something in them."
    Hair: "It's really dark brown, like chocolate. And curly, when I let it get longer. I usually cut it short though."
    Skin Color: "I dunno, white? I'm pale, too. Can I get my ice cream now?"
    Body Type: "I'm skinny, like always. I can eat and eat all day long and stay skinny. Ice cream now?"
    Talents: "I was a really good gymnast before I left. I loved to dance, as well, mainly hip-hop. I did know how to ballroom dance though, the fosters made sure of that. Because of the dancing I was never really out of shape, and I can run a fair distance. Because of my 'special' education after the age of ten, I know how to fight. I kinda had to."
    Home Base: "I don't have one."
    Pets: "I have two pet rats that I named Yin and Yang. Yin is all black and Yang is all white, they both have blue eyes like mine."
    Flaws: "The zombies scare the hell out of me, I can't stand them. Whenever I see one within fifty feet of me, I freeze up dreadfully. I guess I'm just not as tough as everybody else. I got mixed up with some bad people, and I ended up getting the snot beaten out of me. Ever since then, I get these horrid spasms in my back that can leave me unable to move for an hour. They happen at anytime and I just drop like a rock when they do."
    Weapons: "I'm a gun girl, I've worked for some sketchy people, so I learned how to use one really quickly. Although, right now, I don't have one, so I have to make due with a machete that I picked up a while ago."
    Character History: "I spent the first ten years of my life with these totally lame foster parents. According to them, I was dropped off at the hospital when I was only a week old. Nobody knows where my parents are, or who they are. The fosters put me into all these high-end classes, and expected straight A's every year. They had me in cheerleading for two years. When I finally got sick of it, I left. I've been on the streets since."
    Other: "Now can I have some damn ice cream?"
    RP Example: TBA
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    Koda [Zombies]
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