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 Inch and Gillian

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Inch and Gillian  Empty
PostSubject: Inch and Gillian    Inch and Gillian  EmptyMon Jul 01, 2013 1:22 am

"I go by Inch, Inch Whurm."
"I'm Gillian. We don't really like to share our surname."
"I turned fifteen just days before this whole thing began."
"I'm four years older than my sister, so about 19."
"I'm short. I'll admit it, I don't even really hit 1.5 meters."
"I'm about 1.7 meters tall."
"They're this strange hazel-gold color. Subject to change at any time."
"I have my mom's green eyes. The only thing that I have left of her."
"I reallyyyy don't like my hair. I usually keep it fairly short, maybe a few centimeters below my earlobes. The natural color is this really bright ginger, which I absolutely loathe. I guess that it isn't frizzy, which I should be glad about."
"I don't really care about my hair. Inch will cut it for me when she thinks I need it, but the rest of the time it's just a shaggy black mess."
Skin Color:
"I'm Scottish and ginger, put it together. I've got freckles and really fair skin, I bruise and burn really easily. When I blush I turn positively scarlet, which only makes it worse. I don't have much trouble with acne or dry skin, so it's not too bad."
"I have dad's darker skin. He's supposedly part Native American."
Body Type:
"I'm small, I already said that. But I am not fat! I'm not even big-boned. I'm actually really skinny, because of reasons that I'll explain later."
"I'm built fairly solid, but I'm not the type to go to the gym twice a day and compare biceps with my buddies."
"I don't really have many, I guess. Not as many as my brother. I was too sick to do a lot of things. I guess I'm pretty smart, and good at chess. I love to read and write, and I can pick up things pretty fast, as long as they don't involve much physical activity."

"My sister, in case you can't tell, is the smarter of the two of us. While she was the top of her class every year she went to school, I was usually the second or third. I loved to hunt, however. A good bowhunt is something I will never turn down, if I have any choice in the matter. I tried to get into the arts, but the only thing I ever really excelled at was painting. It's one of my secret pastimes."
Home Base:
"I stick around with my brother, we're sort of roamers.""We haven't settled down yet."
"I love animals but my brother says that they're one of the reasons why I'm so sick."
"Our parents never allowed us to have pets because of the germs. They always tried to keep Inch healthy, and now it's my job. So no pets."
"I can't run very far, I can't even walk very far. I just get so tired. My brother says that I'm a too trusting of other people, but I don't really see it. I'm not good with weapons, I never really had the opportunity to practice. Never thought I'd need those kinds of things like I do now. I suppose that I'm just not cut out for the apocalypse. Without my brother, I'd probably be dead already."

"I've never been good at the arts like my sister has, I could never quite get music and poetry went in one ear and out the other. I'm not nearly as tactical as she is, she can thrash me ten times over in chess without batting an eye. One of my biggest flaws is how much I'm willing to protect her, even at the cost of my own life. She is the most important thing to me since Father and Mother died, and made me promise to keep her safe."
"I think that I have a small knife somewhere. My father gave it to me just before he died. I've never had the stomach to use it though, or the strength."
"When the creatures began to attack the school, I was in my fencing class. Quite the luck of the draw, I suppose, but I grabbed several rapiers and a sabre or two before I went to find Inch."
Character History:
"I was a really sick child, I was born small and I never really grew as fast as the other kids. My family and I lived in the UK, in a grand old house in Oxford. I spent the vast majority of my early years entirely bedridden, with a tutor every other day. The rest of the time I stayed deep in my books, and occasionally playing chess with my father.

When I turned seven I grew strong enough to walk properly, so I spent a lot of time in the gardens a few blocks down from our house. But a year later something happened and I got sicker than I'd ever been before. I don't remember much of that time, I just know that my brother was there with me through it all. He refused to leave my side until I was better. And he promised that when I did get better, he'd take me to a real school with him.

And he did, after I got better many months later, it was only a few years before I grew strong enough to start going to school with my brother. We went to St. Edward's boarding school. In fact, that's where we were when it all went to hell."

"By the time that I was old enough, Father and Mother sent me off to every boarding school that they could find. I even went to a military school in the US for a bit, but the bullying there was nearly unbearable. I didn't get a moment's peace from any of them, and when Mother heard this she grew worried and made me come home. That was when I was about twelve years old. Inch was only eight at the time, and she got pretty sick right as I came home. I don't really know if it was my fault or not, but I stayed home with her for months until she got better. By that time Father and Mother were ready to send us both to St. Edward's boarding school.

Even though Mother and Father sent me all over the place and focused on my sister, I understand, and love them for it. They understood that they wouldn't be able to give Inch the attention that she needed when I was there. I do wish that I'd known my parents better before they died, but I also know that it must've been hard enough with one kid. I would've just been a bother."

"We never exactly figured out what made me sick as a kid, but I know that I have to wear a mask a lot of the time. I'm not supposed to get sick. I remember that the last time I did, I felt like I was about to die. It took weeks, even months, until I was ok again.

My big brother is always there for me, he helps me to stay as healthy as I can and he carries me when I get tired. I feel kind of bad that he has to, so I hope that someday I'll be able to repay him. But right now I'm just so tired, and worthless. I can't fight, so he has to protect me. I know that he doesn't really mind it, but I still feel bad. He's always so lonely, and sad. I wish that someday he'll find a girl that loves him as much as he deserves, and that she's not as helpless as I am.

Then, I know he'll live on even when I can't."

"Inch has always been there for me, as the caring little sister. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. When she was feverish and wan, she'd still want me to come in a talk about me day at school with her. She knew about all of the bullies and the boys who picked on me, and she never failed to ask if I needed help with my homework.

Because of how often Father and Mother were gone, and how loathing the nanny was, Inch became my mother in a way. She was my shoulder to cry on, and my source of joy in our rainy world.

There is no way that I'm going to let anything happen to her. On my life, I swear it."

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Inch and Gillian
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